Friday, May 1, 2015

Research Blog #10: Final Abstract, Bibliography, and Link to Paper

Abstract. Mainly using the Emma Sulkowicz case at Columbia University, this paper does not try to resolve the issue of consent but it does explore the blurred lines between consensual and nonconsensual activity as well as the questions it raises and the social, emotional, and legal repercussions of sexual violence on college campuses. Rape culture is examined and analyzed in this paper as the cultural and social implications potentially placed on the Sulkowicz case as well as how it affects young men and women everywhere outside of Columbia University. Hookup culture is another social and cultural theory that is put into the context of sexual violence in this paper. The manner in which authority figures on college campuses handle sexual assault reports is finally criticized to demonstrate that the issue of consent in sexual violence on campus is influenced by many aspects of society and humanity and that it remains a misunderstood but dire issue that should receive more investigation to take place in university settings and beyond.


Link to paper:

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